Acie Law's biography. His beginnings with basketball, family background, and career in high school.

Acie Law IV was born January 25, 1985 in Dallas, Texas. His father Acie III, who used to play as a point guard at Navarro Junior Colleage, is a mechanic. His mother Dolores works as an office clerk. Acie has an elder brother, Lamont and two younger sisters: Vivien and Frances.
His father wanted him to learn the basis of the game well before the decision to play professionally. "My dad was real strict about it. All I did was work on dribbling and passing until I was about 9 or 10 years old. He wanted me to learn a different side of the game. So in middle school I started playing at this rec center called Thurgood Marshall. And the stuff you learn there is how to compete and how to be fearless in the face of whatever adversity you're facing."
He started to attend Kimball High School and soon he was chosen the freshman of the year. Law scored 35 points in the Texas State High School All-Star Game, leading his team to a victory. However, after an excellent season Kimball High School lost the state championships game because the opposing team scored from the distance just as the buzzer announced the end of the game.

Acie Law at the Atlanta Hawks

He wanted to stay close to his home so Acie started to study at Texas A&M, despite the fact that he had been also admitted by Tech, University of Connecticut, University of Texas at Austin, University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University.
"My family is everything to me. I knew from an early age that we were all going to be on this journey together. I had the dream as a young kid to be in the NBA. I wanted to retire my parents; that's something I always wanted to do. And the first step was making it to college and taking my work ethic up to another level. A&M didn't have a huge basketball tradition, so that allowed me to go somewhere and do all the things I wanted to, while also leaving my mark on the place. I wanted to leave my family's name there and make them proud."
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