Acie Law IV

We're looking forward to watch how Acie Law develops as an NBA player!

Acie Law IV was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2007 NBA draft. You can find here some information about Acie Law, his stats, photos, videos and a few curiosities about a future NBA star - Acie Law IV.

Acie Law at the Atlanta Hawks
Nickname: "Captain Clutch"
Height: 6-3
Weight: 195 lbs.
Birthday: 25th January 1985
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
College Team: Texas A&M
High School: Kimball
Position: Point Guard
Jersey's Number: 4
Selected by the Atlanta Hawks in 1st round, pick number 11

Many people claim that Acie Law IV seems to play more like a shooting guard rather than a real point guard. However, Acie himself has been focused on proving them wrong. He wants to improve as an individual player and he wishes to elevate the Hawks' skills as a team. In fact, Acie is both a PG and a SG.
Acie Law has great speed and a fantastic body control, which allows him to change movement direction rapidly. He's able to figure out a perfect shooting opportunity for himself or for his teammates who are wide open and wait for his assists. When it comes to controlling the game, he seems to have some kind of a sixth sense. He is a very good perimeter player and he can shoot with his right as well as left hand, surprising players guarding against him. Acie Law handles the ball extremely skillfully  he's a good dribbler and he has managed to reduce the number of turnovers per game. He knows what to do in the key moments of the game and he's willing to take over as a team leader when the team's be or not to be is at stake. He's proven that he's able to raise to the occasion and shoot the winning points when his team needs him most. Most importantly, he's been constantly developing his defensive skills.

Acie Law at the Atlanta Hawks

What he should focus on now are 3-pointers and his offensive play down the lane. Although he doesn't miss very often, the frequency of the shots he decides to take needs to be improved. Apparently, what he's shown so far is just a beginning. Besides, in the NBA the intensity of defense is way higher than what is being played at college. It would be perfect for Acie to work on his strength now so that his effectiveness would remain at least at the same level as during his academic games.

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